Hi my name is Ange,

I am a natural dyer and block printer from Mittagong in the Southern Highlands, New South Wales.

I am mum to Ash and Jessie and we moved to the Highlands a few years ago to be close to our son's school. 

I love the creative process and using traditional techniques to make earthy, unique pieces. I use eco friendly textile inks to block print and indigo dye with a fructose vat which is synthetic free.

I mindfully source materials using natural fibre fabrics and products from other small businesses who embrace ethical manufacturing standards and eco friendly materials.  I am one maker in a big sea but I believe making conscious decisions for my small handmade business can make a difference.

The benefits of creativity for personal fulfullment and mental health is something I believe in very passionately!  These benefits are big part of the 'why' I make and create.

My inbox is always open for you, if you need advice or a gentle push to get creative.



Ange x