Paying homage to traditional techniques and returning to slow ways..

This encapsulates the Weave and Burrow brand. 

From a small home studio in the Southern Highlands NSW, I hand print and naturally dye textiles using plant extracts and traditional techniques to create simple, sustainable homewares and gifts. 


About me - Ange 

I am a self taught natural dyer and block printer, ever curious and fond of the centuries old techniques of wooden block printing and Japanese shibori indigo dyeing. 

My background is in the travel industry and traveling to India, Nepal, South East Asia and the Middle East in the 90s is where my curiosity about old techniques began. 

Growing up, I was intrigued by my grandmother, an artist and ceramist. Gran was an enigma to me,  I never had the opportunity to know her well and my father, also passed, was intensely creative, writing poetry, woodworking and sculpting forms in his garden. Both have left deep creative legacies in our family. 

Creativity for me has been realised in my 40s. I never felt that I had a creative side but change happens and life's grief and joy can move you in unexpected directions. 

I am settled in the Southern Highlands with my husband and two children. 

We moved here three years ago to be close to our son’s school. 

Ash is 10 and has Down syndrome. His early years included some major surgeries and rehabilitation, he started walking at 8 years old and is doing brilliantly now. 

So my handmade business was able to be realised, the sum of these life experiences placing me exactly where I need to be. 

Future goals include plans to build a workshop at home to host creative workshops in a kind, inclusive space.

Sharing creativity for the positive mental health benefits is something I believe in passionately, returning to slow ways to bring back connection so seemingly lost these days. 


You are welcome here


Ange x