Caring for naturally dyed textiles

Your indigo dyed and other naturally dyed textiles need some extra loving care to maintain colour vibrancy.  You can expect some fade over time but following the care instructions below and supplied with your order will ensure you get to love your textiles for a long time.

  • hand wash separately in cold water
  • use a mild, plant based liquid detergent
  • no optical brighteners
  • air dry in shade
  • do not tumble dry or dry clean
  • fabric may fade with multiple washing and direct sunlight

When hand washing indigo dyed textiles, you may notice some dye run off/blue in the water. Although pieces are thoroughly washed post dyeing until the water runs clear, it is possible to have small amount of run off with subsequent washes.

Please treat your hand dyed pieces with the same love and care that goes into making them.