Natural dyeing

Natural fibre fabrics are pre washed to remove oils and waxes that can inhibit dyes bonding with the fibres. Dye baths are created using pure plant extracts, mainly indigo and cutch and fabrics hand dyed, often several times to achieve a desired shade of colour.

Fabrics are mordanted in either alum or soy milk if needed to increase light and wash fastness.

Some pieces are dyed using the traditional technique of Shibori where fabric is folded, twisted, tied and clamped using resists to create unique, one of a kind patterns.

The process is slow and dyeing happens over several days.

Block printing

Fabric is prewashed before being printed by hand with wooden print blocks from India and other places around the world, some vintage and very special, they tell a story, carved by hand with unique patterning.

Eco friendly textile inks are used to print with which are premium quality and solvent free.

Slow, mindful processes to create eco friendly, sustainable pieces to love for a long time..